14 Days, 12 Nights

14 Days, 12 Nights

NR1hr 39min

14 DAYS, 12 NIGHTS takes us into the world of Isabelle Brodeur (Anne Dorval), an oceanographer who flies to Vietnam, home country of her adopted daughter Clara. Her pilgrimage leads her to meet Clara's nanny, who tells her that she can get in touch with her biological mother. Isabelle traces Thuy Nguyen (Leanna Chea), who works as a tour guide for a travel agency in Hanoi. Torn between fear and a visceral desire to meet this woman, Isabelle enrolled in a private guided tour offered by Thuy. In this breathtaking road trip, Isabelle discovers the country of her daughter through the eyes of the woman who gave her life. On the way, the two women end up revealing themselves to each other.

Directed by: Jean-Philippe Duval

Produced by: Antonello Cozzolino


Q&A: Jean-Philippe Duval