Napoli Eden

Napoli Eden


NAPOLI EDEN is a documentary that captures Annalaura di Luggo’s creative journey when she built four inspirational works of art out of recycled aluminum and positioned them in symbolic places in the city of Naples, Italy. Annalaura also recruited some underprivileged, at-risk kids from the Spanish Quarters of Naples in an attempt to stimulate their lives with new positive and creative possibilities in "a journey towards the light". All that you will see really happened. This inspirational cinematic odyssey highlights environmental protection through the theme of transforming discarded scraps of recycled aluminum into works of art and conveys a vision of redemption, social inclusion and the ethical and cultural rebirth for the city of Naples.

Starring: Annalaura di Luggo with the participation of Francesco Gallo Mazzeo, Olindo Preziosi, Eugenio Bennato, Enzo Gragnaniello, Nino Frassica, Patrizio Rispo, the teenagers from the Spanish Quarters

Produced by: Annalaura di Luggo

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Q&A: Annalaura di Lugga and Stanley Isaacs